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A Seeker’s Journal is a unique and invaluable tool designed for those seeking an alternative spiritual path. Often a Seeker finds themselves lost amidst the myriad of information, or mis-information, out in the world. Sifting through it all can be daunting. This journal has easy to read information that will help you on your way to discovering the pathway to your sacred journey!

Inside this journal you will find information on:
• What Wicca and Paganism is, Altars and a place to record your own Reading List
• Basic Divination, Herbs, Resins & Oils, your Book of Shadows
• The Goddess, Grounding & Visualization, Ritual & Spellwork

Also included is an Appendix with a list of recommended reading for Seekers new on the pathExtensive journaling pages to write and keep track of your private thoughts, feelings and magickal workings!

A Seeker’s Journal with guide you on your magickal journey of spiritual fulfillment and discovery!

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