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A Witch's Path: A Spring In My Step!

April 20, 2022

Welcome to my blog, the Spring 2022 edition! I have been remiss in keeping up with things around here, but I am turning over a new leaf, so-to-say. In this year of 2022, I have been busy and going with the flow. Sometimes this flow is easy and gentle. Other times it seems that the rush of life is as daunting as the white water rapids of a river gorge. Today this flow was rough, and I am so over it! I realized that I have to take a step back and re-evaluate. What should I be focused on at this time in my life? Easy. At my age, I need to focus on my health first and foremost...physical and mental. Having had a recent wake-up call about my physical health, I decided to step it up a notch or three and make some important life choices.

As an elder witch and High Priestess, I know that magick and spell work are fabulous, but as I often say to others on this path, you have to do the work, too!

So, this is my plan: Eat better, drink water (no more soda), take walks, remember self-care, drink more water, love myself unconditionally...the physical part, too, and welcome everyday with gratitude! Now, no one said this would be easy, but attitude is everything, right? Mine, having been adjusted of late has had a curious impact on me, as well as those around me...for the better!

Enter spring! The time of rebirth and growth...a time to look deep inside and find what really makes you feel alive. Maybe even something as simple as a flower. No really, have you ever stopped and looked very closely at a flower? They seem so small and delicate but think of all the parts that make up this beautiful specimen of the plant world. There are the roots which sink into the Mother and drink in the energy and nutrients it needs to grow. Then the stem, leaves, petals, ovary, stamen, stigma, pistil and pollen. It's amazing how simply complex and intricate it is! Not only is it beautiful, but it's very smart in its functionality. (The bees collect the pollen and carry it off to their hive...ta da! Honey!)

However, my personal favorite thing that comes from flowering plants/herbs is the essential oil. I love to work with these precious gifts of the plant kingdom. They are not only aromatic and pleasing to the senses, they are also helpful to humans in several ways...even at the cellular level! But I digress...

Spring...rebirth...good health...plants and flowers...nature, it's all so amazing and easy to forget the wonder of it all. There is a saying that says, stop and smell the roses. This is truly good advice. We as humans and pagans/witches claim that we love and honor our Mother; the Earth, but too often we get caught up in our situations in our lives and forget about the simple yet most important on this Earth. We are more than just inhabitants on this spinning rock; we are stewards of this world and all that lives within it. Let's all try to take some time to honor and care for this beautiful place we call home while we still can. I strive to honor the life I have been blessed with, as well as those that surround me and touch my spirit everyday!

Blessed be!


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