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“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”      ―Abigail Adams


Elizabeth Barrette conducts spiritually based workshops to help you learn and open your view on alternative paths. From earth-centered spirituality to herbal recipes, Elizabeth’s experience and knowledge on a variety of subjects will open doors for you as you seek wisdom on your sacred journey.

The five workshops currently being offered are:

Earth-centered Spirituality

Personal Empowerment through Spirituality

Intention and Visualization

Weaving Spirituality into Your Daily Life

Making Loose Incense for Ritual.

Workshop Descriptions


Earth-Centered Spirituality: Learning to live harmoniously, while honoring our Earth Mother helps us to stay connected to what matters most. Explore cycling through the seasons of existence in a balanced way, while following your individual belief system. The primary focus is on non-traditional ideology that encompasses and enlivens your own perceptions and world view. $25/participant


Personal Empowerment Through Spirituality: Connect to your higher self through guided exercises in Grounding, Balance, Energy and Vision. Propel yourself forward in meaningful ways through wise actions, growing your life through energetic focus and application of learned techniques. $25/participant


Intention and Visualization: Bringing about desired changes are easier than you think! Using pictures, phrases, and more in new and powerful ways assists you in aligning your perception and imagination with intended outcomes. $25/participant


Weaving Spirituality into Your Daily Life: Bring together practices in your waking hours as you walk your sacred path. Discover deep introspection through journaling and journeying. Learn how to remain centered through meditation and prayer. In this place of being, you can truly hear the calling of your divine essence as you reverently open and close each blessed day. $30/participant


Making Loose Incense for Ritual: Basic methods for charging and creating blends that will bring qualities of unification and manifestation to your ceremonial work. Incantation and intent will be imparted to your herbal mixtures giving them extraordinary magickal properties. $45/participant


Supportive Reading Material/Books available for purchase at each workshop! Printed worksheets and materials included in class fee.



Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop #1: Earth-Centered Spirituality

What is Earth-Centered Spirituality?

The belief in honoring the spiritual interconnectedness of life on planet Earth, also known as Mother Earth or Gaia (Earth Goddess). Sometimes this is seen as a gender-neutral Deity or Earth Spirit.

Is this religious?

Earth-centered spirituality is considered a belief system but not a religion.

How is the earth involved?

The spiritual nature of this belief system is connected to the physical essence of the earth and all of life on it.

Where do you practice it?

Many practitioners prefer to practice outdoors surrounded by nature; however, whether indoors or out, they will often say that they practice in body, mind and spirit.


Workshop #2: Spiritual Empowerment

How does spirituality empower?

It is the ability to enable action on the part of one who relies on their spiritual beliefs to guide them.

Who can do it?

Anyone, but it will only happen when one is ready.


Workshop #3: Intention & Visualization

What is intention and visualization?

Intention is an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. Visualization is a) to call or form mental images or pictures. b) to make perceptible to the mind or imagination.

Is it hard to do?

No, but it does take practice.

Does it take a lot of time to do?

It only takes as much time as you are willing to put into it. The more time spent, the better the results.

How does it help me on my path?

It depends on which path and to what end. In Wicca, intention and visualization are key practices for doing rituals and working successful magick.


Workshop #4: Weaving spirituality into your daily life

Why do I need spirituality daily?

Spirituality isn’t something you pay attention to one day a week . . . or twice a year. If we choose to live our lives fully connected through body, mind & spirit, then we must work on our spiritual selves as tenaciously as we do our physical and mental selves. 

What can I do to work on my spirituality daily? 

In this workshop, you will learn several methods for strengthening your spiritual being, such as: mindful reading & journaling, meditation & prayer, and more.


Workshop #5: Making loose incense for ritual

What is loose incense?

Loose incense is a combination of various herbs and resins that are ground together and burned during a ritual.

How do I use it?

Loose incense is different from stick or cone incense as it is sprinkled on top of a burning charcoal disk during a ritual.

Do I get to take some home?

Yes, you will make it, and take it with you.

How long does it last?

If it is stored in a light and air free container, the incense will stay fresh for a long time…months, years or until you use it up!

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