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By E.A. Barrette ©


My lifetime journey, thus far, has taken me from the California coast to the eastern seaboard and, twenty-one years ago, I landed in the Rocky Mountains.

Last January, I wandered onto a new path...still just east of the mountains, but I settled in a new town. I love this place for many reasons. Most of all, I have found a new purpose in this amazingly beautiful community. Besides connecting with the glorious nature around me and the "witchiest" shop in town, I have banded together with a whole new group of lovely, like-minded people! We have created a new sacred circle, and I am honored to be a part of this spiritual endeavor. I have found that no matter where I go, I meet others on similar spiritual paths which makes me feel good knowing that we are not so few and far between. I am discovering more about myself each day, as well as, the pagan community as a whole. These local individuals are hungry for spiritual fulfillment. They come into the shop where I do readings, and they are surprised to see all the wonderful witchy things. They are glad to meet me and find out that I will happily read tarot for them. I am always excited to meet others on this path, and I am especially fond of the new folks in "the Craft". They are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. After being on this path for more than twenty years, I still find exuberance in being a spiritual teacher while sharing my knowledge, experience and stories with others who have a desire to expand their own hearts and minds!

So, on this Lughnasadh (August 1st) I will be sharing my gifts with those I care about, and I will be ever-so-grateful for this marvelous life I am living!

With best wishes for you on the eve of the harvest season...

Blessed be!


Lughnasadh chant:

The power of Lugh,

Our strength renewed,

Live life full of gratitude!

Photo by E.A, Barrette© 2021

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